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Welcome to the website for Jonathan Strahan and Coode Street Productions.

I am an award-winning editor, anthologist and book reviewer. I edit anthologies on a freelance basis, acquire and edit fiction for Tor.com and Tor.com Publishing, and am the Reviews Editor for Locus.

I co-host the multiple-award nominated Coode Street Podcast, a happy successor to my now oft-ignored but also excessively rambling and digressive personal journal, notes from coode street.

Coode Street Productions was established in 1999 to publish a critical 'zine, The Coode Street Review of Science Fiction, a one-shot critical magazine. Named after the not very bohemian street where I used to live, Coode Street has become the umbrella name for all of the science fiction work I do, which I also keep against the possibility that I might publish books again.
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